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Current trends show that to browse the web and use portals we increasingly use mobile devices. By not adjusting our portals and apps to these devices, we lose a large proportion of users. That's why our apps are available on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet) and they automatically match the size and resolution of the screen on which they are displayed (responsiveness).

We are not just programmers. We offer a full range of services in the building, optimizing and launching of applications.

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Introduction to the market

Building applications, designing for users

We create professional mobile applications, in line with the latest UX trends, to make them as user-friendly and as easy to navigate as possible. This ensures a nice look, a high level of aesthetics, but above all – the best possible comfort and ease of navigation, regardless of the device. We test the application on many different devices to ensure that any user will be able to use the application with ease. When designing applications, we care about our users' first and foremost. We can also perform MVP (minimum viable product) research, to perfectly fit in with the tastes of your future users.

Choose what interests you

We can create applications for any mobile platform (Android, iOS or Microsoft). We know the differences between these platforms, both in user behavior and in the design of the applications. Your app can be placed in Google Play, the App Store, or the Microsoft Store. If you want an app for all of the platforms, but do not have the necesarry budget – read on. Our solution fits perfectly with Google's latest mobile application development strategy.

Cost optimization

What separates us from any other company, are our web apps that are completely functional on mobile devices. Our applications display properly not only on all resolutions, but also on all operating systems – be it on Android, iOS or Windows Mobile. Responsiveness gives us another important benefit – cost reduction. We do not need to create dedicated applications specifically for any platform. Our proposition solves a big problem – the user does not have to download any "heavy applications", that take up the memory of his or hers smartphone, and yet the convenience and responsiveness of our portals is comparable to that of dedicated applications.

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All resolutions

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Tailored to mobile devices

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Cost reduction

Monetization and research, let's do it together!

Several years of experience in the industry along with current observations of actual trends allow us to tailor the application to your needs, but also to develop a monetization strategy – with you. After conducting market research, we are able to help you to choose the most optimal way to monetize your app. Wondering what will be appropriate for your application? Revenue from advertising, micropayments, or maybe the payment itself for the applicaiton? We will advise you.

Performance, choose the right model

Our team uses the latest technology and the most reliable strategies. Your project is in the hands of specialists. We can create a dedicated mobile app for any platform or a responsive web application accessible through any web browser. We focus first on speed, convenience and intuition. There are many factors to consider when deciding – we will help you analyze them.

Promotion of applications

We have a lot of experience building online brand names, we also offer positioning and Internet marketing services. Advertising on Google, or promoting your app on Youtube? No problem, we also know how to prepare an effective campaign on Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat). We can also introduce elements of gamification. There are many available channels for promotion, and we will help you choose the most effective ones.


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