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We have over 16 years of experience in creating business IT solutions. Our aim is to provide our clients with high quality, advanced software that is tailor made for specific companies and industries. Very often these are unique applications responsible for advanced tasks - optimizing processes and procedures.

We strive to minimize the cost of tasks performed using our software, and to that goal we continually improve it, introducing innovative solutions. Our programs work in the SaaS model (Software as a Service), providing almost immediate updates and easy access from any place in the world.

What defines us?

16 years of experience

Over the years we have conducted many extraordinary projects, all of them requiring original solutions, which allowed us not only to develop a unique content management system of our own, but also to find an appropriate approach to our clients and their projects.

2 years warranty on code

We feel responsible for each project realized by us, therefore we guarantee its correct functioning from the moment of its realization. During this time, in the event of any faults occuring, the potential intervention is completely free – under the condition of no external interference in the software by third parties.

Proprietary solutions only

We do not use ready-made solutions or templates. All of our projects are realized using our proprietary CMS. This enables us to fully adjust the system to the needs of individual users.

Our team

Our team consists of specialists in various fields. We conduct all possible projects from beginning to end, and we offer comprehensive services. We have programmers, graphic designers, UI and UX specialists and mobile developers cooperating with each other. Each project is led by a Project Manager, who is also responsible for the contact with the client.

Describe your ideas and we will provide you with a free price estimation and send you our offer within 24 hours. We can also communicate via telephone or Skype. We can help you adjust the project to your budget, and write a technical specification just for you.

We are here for you and your needs.
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Implementation support

Implementation support covers every project realized by us. The scope of assistance includes installation of the application on our or the client's server, and training related to the operation and running of the application.

Support available at any time

We guarantee technical support and help as well as the possibility of further development of your project. Together with our clients we set a particular response time for every event, which we then strictly obey.


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