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Reporting Apps

We create dedicated applications that allow you to collect data in a central repository (database) and to automate reporting. Our systems are available to users from the web or through a mobile application.

The friendly interface makes our applications intuitive, and makes data easy to input. In turn, the reports generated by our systems are fully dynamic (any change in the scope of the data affect the content of the report in real-time) and interactive – allowing fast data filtering.

In addition to creating dedicated applications, we also provide company database storage servers and prepare software to support each specific database – each time we create and tailor solutions to the specific needs of efficient database management.



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One feature of our application is multiple access. We can define multiple levels of data access, depending on what permissions a user should have. We can export data to most of the popular formats (eg PDF, xsl, sql, csv) so that they are easily readable and easy to import into other applications or to analyze. Data import works within the same principle, and our applications are integrated with various external systems, which helps to automate the data entry process and save time and money.

We have extensive experience in the field of data indexing, similar keyword suggestion services, and derivative word suggestions.

Reporting Apps Reporting Apps Reporting Apps

Reporting applications with web or mobile access

At your disposal are our storage resources that you can rent to store databases. We prepare our software to support specific databases and the needs sof each and every of our customers. We offer an intuitive inferface for viewing and updating databases with public or limited to specific users access.

We have extensive experience in the field of data indexing, similiard keyword suggestion services, and derivative word suggestions. We are able to create and tailor everything that is needed to efficiently and smootly manage your databases. Installation is possible on our company's or the client's servers.

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