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Our offer is addressed both to business clients (e.g. drug research) and individual clients (also students and researchers) who have dealt with quantitative methods of research, independently from the field that they are dealing with (from Medicine, Psychology, Social Sciences and Economics all the way through technical sciences). We provide professional help at every stage of statistical analysis, from the preparation of the experiment, the formulation of correct hypotheses, the use of appropriate statistical tests, to performing the full statistical analysis. We prepare our analyses according to the individual needs of the client, in English or Polish language.

We conduct consultations and analysis in the field of statistics and data analysis for scientists and researchers carrying out a variety of statistical research projects.

The company's activities can be broken down into basic services:

Statistical consulting, individual and group training. Consultations at every stage of the statistical analysis.

Biostatistics. The primary area for data analysis in R-STAT is Statistical Analysis in Medicine, and providing support form pharmaceutical and medical projects.

Help with the use of advanced statistical programs. Statistical calculations, hypothesis testing.

Online support in solving problems and issues (statistics).

Preparation of the report / expertise on the basis of data provided by the client (Statistical analysis, statistics, pheonomena forecasting and psychometric analysis).

Marketing analysis based on data and statistical modeling.

We offer:

Determining hypotheses and creating databases

Selecting samples, and representative sample sizes

Selecting an appropriate statistical model (statistical test)

Statistical calculations

Attractively visualising the data (editable graphs, statistics)

Data entry – paper to electronic formulation

Formatting the results

Description of the results tailored to the needs of the specific customer.

Specializations: Statistics, Econometrics, Medicine, Psychometry, Demography, Psychology and Statistical Sociology, Economic Statistics.

Data Modeling:

We implement advanced analytical solutions for data mining needs.

In our offer you will also find creation of dedicated databases. The key element of any data mining project is the data itself. Correctly created databases allow for thorough and reliable analysis, and use of multidimensional models which will provide you with a better understanding of your clients and their behavior.

We offer analytical software – solutions dedicated to data mining, to the purpose of:

Optimizing the network of representatives

Customer migration modeling

We implement applications and analytical modules for business intelligence

Credit risk management

Sales models


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