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Mobile applications, loyalty programs, CRM, e-commerce, databases, price and market monitoring, as well as many others...

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Aplikacje WWW Biostat 15 years of experience

IT professionals for your business 

Our team of experts in the fields of IT and statistics has over 10 years of experience in providing our customers with the best and most modern dedicated applications. Our top priority is to tailor each application to your specific needs. We continually improve all of the solutions available in our offer by introducing new modules and functionalities, increasing the level of their sophistication, while continuously maintaining transparency and intuitiveness.


By using our own solutions and experience we offer highest possible standards of implementation of IT projects.  
We meet our deadlines and provide backup copies of our work. We also monitor the history of changes in the source code and database. We make any progress in the implementation of the project available to the contractor right from the start, which helps us to remain in constant contact. It allows the contractor to participate in co-creation of the project at any stage of the development of the application.

Aplikacje WWW
Aplikacje WWW
Aplikacje WWW

Tools tailored to your individual needs

Our comprehensive contact and sales management systems are the best guarantee of your company's success.  We offer multifunctional software, operating in one of the two models: OnSite, which means that it is installed on the customer’s server, or OnCloud – installed on our server, meeting the highest standards of security and accessible via web browser. Each of our applications has a clear structure and is user-friendly. Our software is well thought out, and that is why using our applications does not require hours of prior training. Our UX (User Experience) is developed by an experienced team, which guarantees the success of each project, both functionally and visually.

Applications offered by us allow: order history tracking, sales management and warehouse management, time management, team management, full control of the clients portfolio, automatical creation of statistics and reports. The main advantage of working with us is the possibility of unlimited development of the application, full post-implementation support and technical assistance under a guarantee and post-warranty service within hourly packages, which each of our customers can buy.

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Professional business software

We offer you a complete set of tools that provides support for a wide range of business activities. According to individual needs of our customers, we adjust the modules, and connect them into a single application. This allows you to make use of simple time management, task optimization, planning of task burden for each member of the team, process and project reporting, management of transactions, accounting, and numerous other solutions applied in the optimization of information flow.

Regardless of the number of modules made for your application, we guarantee its high-speed and trouble-free operation. We create applications in an open model, in which the progress of implementation is constantly available to the customer. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to immediately correct any misunderstandings and invent new solutions. Continuous participation of all of our team members allows us to create software far beyond the defined framework and to provide perfectly developed solutions.

This is, however, not the end of our work. Our company takes great care of its clients, and we are ready to continue developing the software we provided in various settlement models. We develop extensions and add-ons, add further modules and provide technical services related to updates in the technology essential for the application to function properly. We provide comprehensive services in this field, and we seek to ensure that our clients, whose trust we have won by building ideal software, gladly and with hope look forward to the next stage of development of their applications.

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Reliable partner /  Satisfaction guaranteed

Each of our web applications is adapted to the specific nature of the industry and the client’s business. We are satisfied only by the highest quality of the final product, which has to be attractive graphically, provide full support of all necessary modules (search-engine, purchasing systems, payment systems etc.), and be fully responsive and intuitive.

Our applications work with every possible web browser, and have a simple architecture which enables us to easily introduce further elements to them, and have a user-friendly interface.

Most importantly, all of our projects include a 24 months guarantee.  We offer technical support, post-implementation assistance, and the opportunity to further develop the application. We do not leave our customers without the possibility to improve and expand the functionality of our products. We always reply to emails and if needed, call back. We consider our projects a mission.

Mobile applications

Applications developed by us are adapted to work on mobile devices. Each of them is characterized by a high level of responsiveness, so its attractiveness is independent from the type of device on which they are displayed.

Systems prepared by us are based on the increasingly popular SaaS model (Software as a Service), so running them requires only a standard web browser and Internet access. Thanks to that, they are designed from the very beginning with a high level of accessibility for every Internet user in mind, whether they are on a desktop computer or a laptop, as well as a tablet or a smartphone.

We make sure that not only the public website applications are responsive, but also that the whole management panel and private functions work properly on mobile devices. Thanks to that, the use of our solutions is pleasant on each platform and for all users.


SaaS (Software as a Service)

IT Team support

Internet shops / e-commerce

Running an online store can be very simple. The only thing you need to do is choose our application! This simple step will make your shop's website much more attractive, integrate it with price comparers, eBay, Allegro, and allow you to keep your statistics, conduct research related to your sales and clients, manage warehouses and accounting.

We offer a full range of services, including development of websites, website positioning, ensuring recognition in social networking sites, but mainly user-friendliness and readability of particular modules, serving its users to browse the offer, fill a virtual shopping cart and submit orders.

Our work does not stop at that point. We offer post-implementation support. We take care of stability and up-to-dateness of our software. We are ready to develop it and extend it with new modules. We offer support and technical assistance as well as a two-year guarantee. We also provide assistance in marketing and suggest development directions, as well as identify helpful existing solutions and ancillary systems.

Market analysis / Price monitoring NEW

We have developed a Market Analysis Module for our clients. It is a set of algorithms that allow price monitoring as well as trend and competition analysis. Thanks to the advanced analytical solutions, we provide our clients with market intelligence in the form of useful and readable reports on prices and availability of products.

This module will allow you to optimize the prices of of your company's products, and to increase its profitability, all thanks to these recommendations. This module also allows historical data analysis, trend tracking and pricing policy automation.

24/7 online access to the results.


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Databases / Reservation software

We rent storage resources necessary to store all of the data collected by your company. We also provide adequate software and support for data processing. Our team creates optimal solutions in the field of search engines, ways of data organizations, creation of indexes, statistics and reports.

In our service reservation systems, we give priority to data security and search speed. Thanks to us, your visitors will save time and energy related to the booking process, which will significantly increase the attractiveness of your services. Our systems work in popular web browser, and are available at any time. They offer an attractive way of presenting your offer (photos, animations, videos, banners) and provide users with optimal solutions by comparing various offers. They are integrated with accounting and payment systems.

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