Tailor-made business apps

Due to fact that e-commerce services gain in popularity there’s a need to keep business apps on a high level. Most of the online shops use simple tools, which are not able to guarantee neither steady growth nor efficient work with the increasing demand for services. A big disadventage of this apps is the fact that they are quite complicated and it’s difficult to update them or adjust to new needs.

While designing the software our main aim was was to match each module to meet the needs of the branch and particular company. Plus, we found very important to create fault-tolerant forms and procedures.

Our team has 10 years of experience in designing apps dedicated to stores and apps oriented on direct contact between enterprises.

We offer integration with accounting software, Allegro and eBay, and also with external communication systems via webservise. Examples of such systems are courier services and external wholesale warehouses, informing in real time about goods availability. We build scattered warehouses which share information within many stores and accounting software.

Our customers